Bache Family: Lego Superhero Dad

Steven Bache, Brandon Bache (Age 8), Cody Bache (Age 5)

When my two boys and I are playing video games, I am not just dad to them. I am Iron Man, I am Hulk, I am Ultron… well I am any character in the game that they let me be. Except for Spider-man, they always call dibs on Spider-man.

One of our favourite games to play together is Lego Marvel’s Avengers. The Lego games bring the perfect combination of humour and action to for both kids and adults. Lego Marvel’s Avengers has an entertaining and challenging story mode that transports its players through the first few movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading all the way up to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

After my kids and I played through the story mode, there is an open world New York Manhattan hub area that we can pick up and adventure through whenever we want. My kids want to visit New York because they think it will be full of Marvel super heroes hanging around just like the game. That’s how New York really is…right?

Steven Bache, Brandon Bache (Age 8), Cody Bache (Age 5)

My kids are full of character and in this game, they have 257 different characters to choose from. If they can’t find exactly the super hero they want, they can create and customise their own Lego super hero. Lately, using their imagination to create their own super hero is their favourite thing to do in the game. My kids even tell me their made up characters back story.

Video game time with my boys is my favourite time and my time to be super, just not Spider-man.

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