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Welcome to askaboutgames.com. We answer questions parents and players have about video game age ratings and provide advice on how to play games responsibly, and get the most out of them for their family.

Games are played by people of all ages and not just children and are now a mainstream activity, just like music and films. That is why every game published in the UK has an age rating clearly displayed on the packaging – to help ensure that the right games are enjoyed by the right players. This site is sponsored by video game publishers in the UK – who are keen to ensure only suitable games are played by children and young people.

The way games are played today is shifting rapidly.  Originally most games were just for one player and played on one computer or games console. But the advent of the high speed internet and the ease with which computers can communicate means that online games are more popular.

The level of interaction parents and guardians enable children to have is entirely up to them. All of today’s next consoles, tablets and smartphones offer parental controls so that adults can lock down just what, how and how long children play games.

If you have a question about age ratings or safe playing tips, or want to discover the best games to play yourself or with your family askaboutgames.com is here to help.

Information about partnering and linking to askaboutgames can be found on our Partners page.

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