Games Help Children Imagine New Worlds — And Then Create Them

Video-games are great ways to engage children with new ideas, characters and world. More than that though, they can offer youngster the ability to create as well as consume this content.

Beyond well know games like Minecraft, there are a wealth of different game making options for all ages and abilities. Even Minecraft has much more to it than many assume — the red stone aspect enables players to create complex video-game logic to trigger doors, switches and construct complex interactive items like cannons and catapults.

In this vide we look at five games that will help young players start making their own worlds and their own games. Specifically we spend time with Little Big Planet 3 to make a kart racing game in just 10 minutes. If you’ve got the game you can follow along and make it yourself — we’ve even included a few mistakes we had to create along the way so you can see where not to go wrong.

If you make games in your family, why not let us know in the comments.

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