Insomnia Gaming Festival Offers First Play of FIFA

The Insomnia Gaming Festival has a lot of different things to enjoy. Along with a stage show, retro zone and VR area there are — of course — lots of new games. This year’s list has just been announced as follows:

First play at Insomnia
– FIFA 18
– Far Cry 5
– The Crew 2

On show at Insomnia:
– Mario + Rabbids
– Super Mario Odyssey
– Splatoon 2
– LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
– LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game
– Just Dance 2018
– Gran Turismo Sport

Also, good to hear is that they will be including a Chill Out zone for families to get away from the noise and regroup. If you are thinking of taking the family, be sure to check out their family tickets that offer a substantial discount. Also, FamilyGamerTV are running a give away on the video here, simply comment to enter and have a chance of winning a set of 4 tickets.

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