Playing Safe Online, Useful Information for Parents

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This is our guide to the wide range of information and advice about online safety for families. This complements advice about how to use parental controls to set limits on behaviour, with helpful guidance and good practice for video games use. It also provides a starting point for when things go wrong.

For information about ensuring in-app purchases are appropriate in your family Ofcom has an excellent set of videos.

The best place to start is with the UK based bodies and video game creators.

Particular video game providers also give advice and guidance about safe ways to enjoy games online and offline:

If you are after more information, or perhaps a second opinion it is also worth spreading the net wider. Although some of this wider information is aimed at non-UK territories, it still provides some excellent advice.

When something does go wrong you can usually report the issue to the website or online service in question.

If you have found any other useful information online, do leave a comment and we’ll update our list.

7 thoughts on “Playing Safe Online, Useful Information for Parents”

  1. Great resources listed here. It is always important to make sure that you keep tabs on which games your children are playing and who they are interacting with online. Thanks for this valuable list of resources!

  2. in this fast internet technical world, it is very important to track or control the behaviors of children’s to the parents due to security reasons. Parental controls Softwares and apps are very helpful. Especially when using Apple devices, they provide good support assistance.

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