Pop-Up Gaming Surgery with Barker Family


We spent a morning in the Exeter GameStation store talking to families and offering advice in our Pop-up Gaming Surgery.

Here is the first of the Family Gamer TV conversations we recorded at the event. You can hear from three generations of the Barker family who play games — both separately and together. It was really helpful to hear how they use the PEGI ratings to identify which games would be suitable.

We were delighted to hear that they all played games together, rather than it just being the children. It was also interesting to hear how Eddie was an active gamer, whether that was part of the game controls or not.

We also talk about how they decide how long they play games and the limits they put on the family game time.

Check back for more videos from our Pop-up Gaming Surgeries in the next few weeks. Maybe you’ll even spot us in your High Street, come and say hello if you do.

Many thanks to the staff of GameStation who accommodated our FGTV filming session.

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