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Affordable Space Adventures Creates Collaborative Play

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Video-games often offer chances to collaborate with other players to achieve complex tasks. In this way they teach team work and problem solving. A new game out this week, Affordable Space Adventures, does just this but in an unusual way.

Like other Wii U games, the controls are different for each player and match to different roles. The Engineer uses the GamePad screen to monitor and adjust the engine systems, boosting the thrust or the stabilizer, or adjusting the angle of the ship by rotating the GamePad. The Science Officer directs scanners and lights to detect what might be lurking outside. The Pilot flies the ship through the levels.

This means that to play the game well you have to carefully communicate with the other players what it is you are trying to achieve, and how you need their help. The different roles also suit different skills and abilities in the family. Mum, dad and kids can each choose their preferred task on board the ship but must then co-operate to survive each challenge.

Add to this the excellent sound and visuals and Affordable Space Adventures is an experience that many families will enjoy -- particularly if you have a Star Trek fan in your ranks. As you can see in the video, it creates a unique challenge that only collaboration and team work can solve.

For more about the game check out the website.

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