Angry Birds Transformers App and Toys Released

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Angry Birds Transformers not only combines the classic transforming characters with Rovio’s bird and pig stars, it also crosses a line of action toys with an Angry Birds video-game.

The app is available on tablet and smartphone devices (rated as 4+ on iTunes), and the toys are available in most toy stores. Purchasing a toy provides an action play-set with a range of transforming characters. It also unlocked characters in the game when the toys are placed over the tablet’s camera.

We opened some of these Angry Birds Tranformers toys in the home to gauge the children’s reaction. The main event was the Optimus Prime Bird Raceway big box set, along with a couple of character packs.

The bigger sets have the advantage of offering various race track challenges. In the Bird Raceway two players place their car on the sprung loaded launcher and press the button at the same time. The trick is to get your car to the cross-over first and knock the opponent off the track.

The game itself is a little less conventional, straying from the usual Angry Birds formula. Here you tap the screen to shoot at various pig enemies while working through a side scrolling level. This is a little like the 90’s action shooting game Operation Wolf that some parents may remember.

Angry Birds Transformers was a lot of fun and is a nice stocking filler present for parents and grandparents.

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