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Anki Overdrive Adds Supertrucks

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Anki Overdrive is a video-game that crosses over to the living room carpet with robotic toy cars. You snap together the track than place the cars on it. A smartphone app is then used as the controller to steer the cars and trigger weapons.

Today Anki has unveiled new Anki Overdrive Supertrucks to race against and battle the cars. These are much bigger and offer new game modes like Truck Takeover and Truck Battle as well as a nice way to change-up the existing modes in the original game.

You need to have the Anki Overdrive Starter Pack to be able to use the trucks. Once you have that you can add in either Freewheel or X52 trucks to extend the life of the game considerably.

This is also ideal for families as the new modes let you all take turns driving the new trucks in the Anki Truck Takeover battle.

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