Anki Overdrive Combines Racing and Gaming For Families

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Anki Overdrive is the new racing game cross over that combines physical robot cars and a virtual racing app. Players use the app to steer the car around a circuit while the robotics in the car ensure it stays roughly on course.

This year the game leaves the pre-printed mats in favour of a customisable set-up more like Scalextrics. Players can clip together straights and curves to make their own circuits. The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit comes with enough pieces to make 8 different layouts, but add one expansion piece and you can up that to 20.

The game will be released in September later this year in the UK, US and Germany simultaneously. Along with the starter pack there are the following different expansions available:

  • Launch Kit comprises take off and landing pieces.
  • 180 Kit  automatically turns cars around and send them the other way. This not only opens up the possibility of non-continuous layouts but also different game types that don’t relay on continuous circuits.
  • Collision Kit adds some circuit complexity but also the possibility of different routes as the Anki cars can be instructed to take the left or right path. Again the implications for new game types here are most exciting.
  • Speed Kit maxes your speed to try and outrun opponents or take aim and knock out the competition on these long straightaways.
  • Corner Kit helps you take turns at top speed. Or blast opponents before they disappear around the bend.
  • Rails Kit helps you slingshot into straightaways or drive the fight into corners. Guardrails ensure the chaos of battle stays on the tracks.
  • Elevation Kit takes the battle to another level. Open up crazy track possibilities with hills, bridges, underpasses and more.
  • Bank Turn Kit gives you corners at faster speeds and pull some serious G-forces.

We had a chance to interview the CEO behind the Anki Overdrive product to find out more about the game:

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