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AskAboutGames provides a resource for family gamers and players of all ages. If you would like readers of your site to be able to access our content why not include a link to using the image download links below.

We encourage all companies, children’s charities, safety campaign sites and parenting websites to link to AskAboutGames as a resource. If you do, let us know so we can link back and tell our readers about what you do.


Click here to download.

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Download Logo Pack (.jpg, .png, .ai, .eps formats).


Click here to download.

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Video Sting

Here’s the video sting to signpost AskAboutGames in videos.

Click here to download.

Logo Usage Guidelines

An instantly recognisable symbol, the logo is the most valuable asset of the brand. It is crucial to reproduce the logo correctly and consistently.

Exclusion area: The exclusion zone is the minimum area around the logo that must remain clear of typography or any other graphic device. The measurement is calculated by using the ‘k’ from The formula for the exclusion zone is shown here and applies to all sizes and versions of the logo.

Minimum size: To ensure legibility and allow for ease of recognition, the logo should never be reproduced any smaller than 20mm or 100 pixels in height.

Colour: CMYK version to be used against white backgrounds, White out version can be used on top of a photograph or texture but must be clearly legible.


The colours used in the logo are as follows.

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