Bache Family: Emoji Blitz is All-Age Disney Fun

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My name is Steven Bache and I am a Disney Emoji Blitz addict. 

Disney Emoji Blitz is a game available to download for both Apple and Android mobile phones.  It is free to download the game which has in-app purchases to give you more lives or to boost your game or to unlock certain character Emojis.  However, I have played this game since June and not made a purchase.

The game is a match-3 style challenge.  In this case the objects are a Disney and Pixar Emojis.  The added bonus is that you can install the Disney Emoji Blitz keyboard on your phone that will allow you to keep all of the Disney/Pixar character and Disney/Pixar item Emojis as long as you have the game downloaded on your phone.  These emojis can also be used as the standard conversation emojis or stickers in your text conversations.

It will entertain your kids with the variety of Disney/Pixar characters in the game as well as keep them distracted when you are having dinner with your significant other.  Each character has a power up to help you clear Emojis from your screen that can be activated if you have cleared enough of your selected characters Emojis from the screen to fill your power bar.

There has been a new update to the game each month to offer new characters, items, or event to the game which has really kept the longevity of the game going.  There is always something new to get players to come back to the game.

The current event is the Chinese New Year Team Event.  This year is the year of the Rooster and Disney Emoji Blitz is celebrating with two new characters: Mulan and Mushu. Mulan and Mushu are currently available in Diamond boxes which costs 200 diamonds.  You earn diamonds each day by accumulating diamonds earned by spinning the prize wheel or through in game purchases. Diamond box only Emojis are usually made available in gold boxes which are more easily earned in game with in game currency.

The Mulan emoji special power will clear Emojis in a rainbow pattern.  The Mushu emoji special power when activated will bring up a drum that you will tap to determine how many emojis Mushu’s flame breath special power will clear.

There is a special team up event mode that is available to play during the Chinese New Year Team Event that will let players play with their selected Emoji as well as randomly selected Emoji to play with in the same game. This is great as it gives the player a chance to use two different emoji’s special powers to clear Emojis from the board in the same game.  Also the emojis that are randomly selected to team up with you could include emojis that you have not unlocked giving you a chance to play with new emojis including Mulan and Mushu.

The Chinese New Year Team Up Event runs until 2nd Feb.

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  • Ryan Bickham

    Looks like great fun, we’ll have to try it with our little boy.

  • James Yee

    Huh, that seems like exactly what my daughter would play.

    *Does a quick search*

    Ooh! It’s on Windows store too bonus! 🙂

  • Cheryl

    It’s a great game to play but my grandson , who introduced me to emoji blitz, has just been blocked. He is 12 and has been playing since it came out on his iPad. He was quite upset. Googling shows it’s not to be played or downloaded by anyone under 13. Why did they allow it to be downloaded in the first place? Why has it taken so long to block him from playing. I’m quite disappointed.

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