Bickham Family: Disney Infinity Still Great For Famillies

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As a child of the 80’s I have grown up with video games and they have given me some great memories.

When I became a father, I couldn’t wait for my little boy to join me on the gaming couch. It’s taken a while though, as a toddler he enjoyed physical games such as Dance Star Party and Start the Party on the PS3, but now he’s grasped the controller with both hands and enjoys action-adventure games.

Our favourite game to play at the moment is Disney Infinity. It allows you to play as characters from the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars universe in several different modes. My son is excited to be able to play as Woody from Toy Story and Baymax from Big Hero 6 in the same game.

You need a starter pack which comes with the games software, a selection of Disney Infinity figures and Infinity base. The latest version Disney Infinity 3.0 is available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

Father and Son Play Disney Infinity

Father and Son Play Disney Infinity

The first game mode is the Toy Box hub, this allows you to play together with any character figure and begin to learn the basics of Disney Infinity. This is where we often start our adventures as you can access the majority of features from the Hub such as the playset mode, mini adventures or your INterior. The INterior allows you customise your home in a variety of themes, currently our INterior resembles the Death Star.

The Toy Box mode allows you to create your own worlds and games mixing the various universes and items you have acquired in the game. If you don’t want to spend the time designing your own level, then you can download other Disney Infinity user’s levels which they have already uploaded.

Unfortunately, Disney Infinity is no longer being supported so the downloads will only be available until March 2017. After March you will still be able play the levels you have already downloaded and create your own levels, but you will no longer be able to access the Disney Infinity servers.

Disney Infinity Figures

Disney Infinity Figures

Disney Infinity also has a playset mode. There are a number of playsets available, ranging from Toy Story to Star Wars The Force Awakens. The playset mode is more like a traditional gaming experience: a series of levels and challenges to complete to reach a conclusion. We enjoy playing the Twilight of the Republic playset which is based upon the Star Wars prequel universe. The controls are relatively simple X to jump, O to block, ∆ to attack. Occasionally he will ask me to help him get over an obstacle or reset his camera angle, but he can complete the basics.

Disney Infinity and the Family

Disney Infinity and the Family

On a Friday and Saturday night, we enjoy gaming as we allow our eldest son to stay up a bit longer, I love being able to play together with him. He enjoys Disney Infinity as he can change the characters just by swapping them on the Infinity base and because we can either spend time creating our INterior or complete missions in a playset.

If you’re looking for an initial option to start gaming together with your children, then Disney Infinity is a fantastic choice.

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  • Adam

    Hey, I was a huge fan of Disney Infinity; great game to play with younger gamers beginners. Just wondering if you had the same problem as I have had recently…. In the toy box I have tried to invite player 2, but the game lists 3 players; Player 1[gamertag], Player 2 [gamertag] and player 3 listed as ERROR. The game therefore does not start, DI seems to act as if they are waiting for player 3 to join, even though we only have 2 players playing….any idea?

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