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Craft Idea: Recreate Mario Kart with Paper, Tape and Anki

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Video games are great at offering different ways of playing together in the family. Not only are there a wide range of family experience to choose from but they can introduce other activities you've not tried before.

One way we extend the enjoyment after the screen time has run out is with different imaginative play ideas. As you can see in the video, one of these often involves recreating favourite video game moments in the real world.

Having played Mario Kart 8 of the Wii U together over the weekend the children decided they wanted to recreate the super launch tunnels in the game with their Anki Overdrive app racing toy.

We spent a happy afternoon taping tubes, paper and paperclips together. After much experimenting we had a set-up that worked well and matched Mario Kart pretty closely.

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