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EGX Discoveries: Bookbound Brigade

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One of the best things about coming to a video game event like EGX is all the games you can discover and try out with your family. In this series of posts, we are looking at the games families told us they enjoyed. Today it's Bookbound Brigade.

Bookbound Brigade

Bookbound Brigade is great for families because you play as a team of heroes drawn from the annals of history; real, fantasy and mythological. From King Arthur to Dracula to Robin Hood to Nikola Tesla to Joan of Arc to Queen Victoria to Cassandra. Along with the eight playable characters are over 50 computer-controlled players.

In the game, you play as this rolling team of heroes that can be configured in different formations to allow different attacks and moves. But along with this, you have to use your different characters abilities to advance through specific levels.

Characters Through History and Mythology

The families that played the game at EGX liked the combination of light educational information along with a really good Metroid style challenge. Also, the connection between the two feels genuine and makes use of the specificity of each individual.

Bookbound Brigade Trailer

Each character has a description of their origin as well as their role in the game. As you can see the range of different characters on offer is extensive. There's a real sense of fun and playfulness in each characterisation that will again spark the imagination to find out more about them.

King Arthur

Bookbound Brigade is out on PS4, Switch and PC later this year.

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