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EGX Discoveries: Change A Homeless Survival Experience

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One of the best things about coming to a video game event like EGX is all the games you can discover and try out with your family. In this series of posts, we are looking at the games families told us they enjoyed. Today it’s Change: A Homeless Survival Experience.

This is an unusual game because of the situation it places the player in. You find yourself on the street and must do what you can to survive. Of course, it's not one for very young children, but for those wanting to better understand issues around homelessness, it's unique and quite moving.

Change: A Homeless Survival Experience

Unlike other games where you step into a powerful role, here you are in the shoes of someone with less social and financial power than your daily life. It's both eye-opening and intriguing to play as you work out the best ways to get by on the streets.

The art and storytelling are in a retro style as the game takes you through different stages of the day. But it's the observation and attention to detail that makes this really interesting.

The developer consulted with those that work with homeless people as well as individuals who have had time on the street themselves. The result is a game that isn't all that well suited to the noisy halls of EGX but will be one to play at great length after the event.

Change: A Homeless Survival Experience

The game is coming to PC initially but the developer would like to see it on Switch and other consoles in the future as well.

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