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One of the best things about coming to a video game event like EGX is all the games you can discover and try out with your family. In this series of posts, we are looking at the games families told us they enjoyed. Today it’s Disconnected.

We played Disconnected at EGX. It’s an unusual game in the early stages of development. Combining documentary-style interviews and related interactions with the character on-screen, it invites you to step into the experiences you are hearing about.

As described by the developer, “Disconnected is a narrative documentary game telling the story of an autistic girl by various game mechanics, such as platformer game and jigsaw puzzles. In the game, the player will hear voices from real autistic people telling their own stories.”

“We interviewed four people who are all on the autism spectrum. You can hear their stories and voices in the game.”

It was an unusual experience that demanded you listen closely to the spoken word while also solving puzzles on the screen. Families we spoke to said they had found it moving and intriguing.

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