EGX Discoveries: Table Manners

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One of the best things about coming to a video game event like EGX is all the games you can discover and try out with your family. In this series of posts, we are looking at the games families told us they enjoyed. Today it’s Table Manners.

Tables Manners is a first-person game set in a restaurant where you try and impress the person you are eating with. You must eat cleanly and politely to score well and progress on to the next meal. The challenge is that every item on the table is modelled with real-time physics. So one wrong move and you’ll get covered in ketchup or set the table on fire.

“From humble restaurants to sushi bars, ice bars and even a plane – each venue contains a number of unique gameplay mechanics and challenges that you must navigate in order to impress your date.”

The level of finesse increases as you go while you do your best to eat, prepare and generally impress the person opposite.

The result is a game that feels like a cross between Surgeon Simulator and Cooking Mama. “Although there is a light dating theme to the game, it all stays family-friendly,” the developer told me while I tried the game. “The game is about trying to impress with polite manners and clean eating.”

Parents who have tried the game with their kids at EGX told us that a game that might improve table manners was a nice twist.

Currently, the game is coming to PC. I asked the developer about the possibility of a console version and he said that they were looking at the Switch motion controls but hadn’t decided on other platforms as yet.

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