Eurogamer Expo With The Dodman Family

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We went to the Eurogamer Expo this year to talk to families first hand about the games they enjoyed together, and how they went about choosing them.

The Dodman family were at the event to play Nintendo games specifically, alongside other titles that caught their eye. We asked them about what brought them to the event and how they played games in their family.

In terms of which games they played,”I’m here to play every Nintendo game that’s here. We like Pokemon and Sonic.” The sons were excited to get their hands on the new titles at the Expo, which is a great way to try before you buy.

We asked dad who chose the games for the family, “the children usually choose them and we just go out and buy them”. We asked whether sometimes they wanted games that had a PEGI rating older than their age. “No because I don’t get them anything older, because I don’t agree with it.” They used the ratings to ensure only age appropriate titles were in the house.

We asked where and when they played. “Usually in the bedroom but sometimes in the family space. We have a Wii in the front room so occasionally we have a family get together, that’s a lot of fun.” Did Dad often play with the boys we asked, “sometimes [dad plays] he’s quite reluctant.”

Who plays games in your family? Just the children or mum and dad as well?


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