Eurogamer Expo With The Moore Family

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We went to the Eurogamer Expo this year to talk to families first hand about the games they enjoyed together, and how they went about choosing them.

The Moore family were at the event to play different games before buying them and talk about how they used the PEGI ratings as a baseline guide for their choices.

In terms of the sorts of games they choose to player together, they were clear that collaboration was high on the list. In the son’s words, “we have games that are multi-player so that everyone can play them, we like Skylanders and Pokemon.”

I asked the dad whether he used the information on the box to help guide his choices. “[PEGI Ratings] are good. You push the boundaries a little bit, ratings are good and give an idea about what’s in a game. It’s good to have information to understand what they are playing.”

We asked whether Dad and Son play together. “Not very often, if we are lucky”. Dad’s response was that the games “take up so much time, but are great for the kids to get engrossed in them.”

How does this compare to how you play games in your family? Check back for more Expo family interviews in the coming weeks.

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