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Here’s our fact file post for download able content in video-games. We aim to explain the basics of this concepts for family players so they can make an informed purchasing decision.

Q1. What is DLC?

A. Downloadable content (DLC) is extra content for a game usually distributed via the internet by the game’s official publisher.

Q2. Are there different types of DLC?

Downloadable content does vary from game to game. It ranges from visual additions like new outfits to completely new storylines and game features. It can also provide new game modes, objects, levels, challenges or other features.

Q3. What is on-disc DLC?

This is content that is already on the disc but needs to be unlocked to access it. The Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures are an example of this, where purchase of the toy figure grants access to new characters in the game.

Q4. Do I need to buy DLC to complete the game?

Usually DLC is designed to extend the experience of the player rather than be required to finish a game. In the example of Skylanders you can complete the game with just the Starter Pack, and the additional characters are essentially optional extras.

Q5. Which consoles use DLC?

Both mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) can use a DLC purchasing model. In apps this is often referred to as in-app purcahses. On the Wii content is access via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, on the Xbox it is via Xbox Live and on the PlayStation 3 it is via PSN.

More information on DLC is available here.

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