Fact File: Lego City Undercover

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The Lego games are often popular with families. They combine puzzle and action elements with exploration and platforming. They usually offer a two player co-operative mode that suites living room play. Here’s our fact file run down on the upcoming new Lego game Lego City Undercover.

Fact 1: Lego City Undercover offers more exploration and open world than previous games with its sandbox-style action-adventure.

Fact 2: It is currently planed for release on the Wii U on 28 March 2013 in Europe.

Fact 3: Unlike previous titles, Lego City Undercover is based on the Lego City brand rather than a movie franchise.

Fact 4: You play as undercover cop Chase McCain and hunt for criminals. You can swing across poles, jump up walls, wear disguises and drive vehicles.

Fact 5: If you pre-order the game you can claim a free Chase McCain Lego minifigure. There is also to be a Police High Speed Chase Lego  set which will include a code for additional downloadable content in the game.

Fact 6: The Wii U controller is used in the game to scan for hidden items and provide a map readout.

Fact 7: Although not dated yet there is a prequel game also in the works for the Nintendo 3DS.

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