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Free Super Mario Maker 2 Expansion Is Perfect Next Step For Would-Be Game Designers

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As we wrote recently, Super Mario Maker 2 is a great way to get children into creating their own video games. At this time, it also offers opportunities for lots of different learning challenges.

This week Super Mario Maker 2 received a new free update that adds lots of new ways to make games. It also adds a World Maker feature where you can create a map to pull together a series of levels just like in a real Mario game.

This will enable you to combine up to eight worlds with 40 different courses into a shareable Super Mario package that others can enjoy.

There are also new enemies and items. These not only offer more variety to the challenge that you can create on your levels, but more creative ways to expand the styles of games you are creating. For example, with the Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario can "swim through water with ease, and even run across its surface."

There's also the Power Balloon from Super Mario World, the Super Acorn from New Super Mario Bros. U and the Boomerang Flower, as well as wearables like the Cannon Box and Propeller Box.

Here's how to update your Super Mario Maker 2 game on Switch to gain these extra features:

  1. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
  2. Return to the HOME Menu and launch the game.
  3. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  4. Once the update is installed, the newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

As well as this latest version of Super Mario Maker on Switch you can also play the original version for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS/2DS.

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