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Gaming resources for families: The new PEGI Ratings app

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It can be hard to find reliable information about games and their content. The problem isn't a lack of information. Sometimes it can feel like there is too much available. Run a game name through a Google search, and the volume of information can be dizzying.

That's why here at AskAboutGames over the coming weeks we're going to bring you several profiles of the best, most reliable resources for better understanding how games can be a positive part of your family; and when certain games might not be suitable.

And we're going to start with one of the newest; the 'PEGI Ratings' app, brought to you by the VSC Rating Board, who give lots of games in the UK their PEGI age rating.

The app is straightforward, easy to use, and free (properly free too; there's no hidden costs or extra purchases) on iPhone and Android. In short, it gives parents, guardians and carers a simple way to check the age ratings of hundreds and hundreds of games. You can also look up the extra information on each game, that explains why a particular rating was given. That's the 'Additional Consumer Information' which we explain in detail here.

[caption id="attachment_6782" align="aligncenter" width="169"] A typical game profile in the PEGI Ratings app[/caption]

It's easy to search for games, or browse by platform, genre, recent releases and – perhaps most importantly for families – age rating. There's also information on the age ratings themselves, details on the 'content descriptor' symbols that help you understand a game's content, and guides to using the parental controls on various gaming devices. Those controls let you decide what content your children can access, and how long they can spend playing games. There's even a guide to AskAboutGames; The VSC Rating Board is one of the groups that makes what we do possible.

[caption id="attachment_6780" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Browsing and filtering is easy in the PEGI Ratings app[/caption]

We'll be honest; the app is so useful and simple we use it ourselves at AskAboutGames as a go-to source for information.

You can download the PEGI Ratings app here on iOS for iPhone and iPad, and here at the Google Play store for Android devices. Or simply search for 'PEGI Ratings' on your mobile or tablet device's store.

[caption id="attachment_6781" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Information on the individual PEGI age ratings[/caption]

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