Haughton Family: Bond Playing Lego Video Games

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Some people like to relax to music, others like to play sports or watch television. My son, like me, plays video games.

So, today my son and I have been playing Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I always feel confident buying a Lego video games as I know they are going to be well made, story driven puzzlers aimed at casual gamers and young children. This genre is perfect for my son and I to play for half an hour a night after a hard day at school.

For starters Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens is great fun and very friendly, lots of slapstick jokes in the ‘cut scenes’ and it always generates laughter from the both of us. My son has learned a lot of skills along the way — besides the gross and fine-motor skills he has obtained from controlling the characters, he has (in fact we both have) learned strategic and logical thinking from the puzzles needing to be solved throughout the levels.

Father and Son Time

Father and Son Time

When my son gets stuck and asks to swap controllers or I have to rush over to find him wherever in the level he is, to him in that moment I am a genuine hero! So even though I enjoy playing games on my own I get the most enjoyment and pleasure when I play with my son.

When I am playing games with my son, we are not just playing games we are bonding.

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