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If you have Minecraft loving children a couple of articles this week will be of interest.

Firstly the BBC ask Should parents ever worry about Minecraft?.

“The stars of Minecraft, like “Stampy Longnose” are to this generation of children what John Noakes was to mine, except Blue Peter was only on twice a week, whereas Stampy is viewable all day, every day, a permanent uninvited guest in some households.”

This is followed up in the Guardian by Stuart Dredge in his article that encourages parents to focus on understanding the hobby.

“I may disagree with Jenkins’ interpretation, but I’m glad that these questions are being raised: they’re a sign that Minecraft is being taken seriously, which in turn will lead to better understanding among parents.”

The message is clear, Minecraft is a great experience that gets even better if you play it together with your children. It can be a bit bewildering at first but this 2 minute guide should help get you started:

Tell us how Minecraft works in your family in the comments.

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