How To Share PlayStation 4 Games With Your Family

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The PlayStation 4 has a lot of extra features that work well for families. As well as the latest games you can use the console to access Netflix, Spotify and iPlayer.

A PlayStation Plus subscription opens more options. This lets you play online against other family members. It also lets you tap the Share button on the controller and let your family and friends, who live elsewhere in the country, to share the games you own.

As long as you have a PlayStation Plus account they don’t have to own the game — they can play yours for free. Also, you can play together to collaborate on games or pass the controller between you to work together to complete levels.

We also had a look at the different family games you can play together recently, testing them out with one of our Family Gaming Advocates.

This, along with the various media features on the PS4, can save families money and offer new ways to play games together.

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