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Video games can be a sophisticated and fast evolving medium. Therefore like film, books and theatre it can take some time to fully understand and appreciate them and for them to give the best that they have to offer to their audience.

Combine this with their technical nature, the equipment and setting up required before you can play them, and there are quite a few barriers to including them as part of family life. This is where our Family Advocates come in.

askaboutgames has been working to build a group of independent families who are at different stages of playing games together, and of different age groups.  These askaboutgames Family Advocates help us talk about the real world problems and joys of playing videogames together.

An advocate is “a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy”. Our askaboutgames Family Advocates bridge the gap between two causes — healthy, enjoyable family life and the beneficial inclusion of video games therein.

Over the coming months we’ll be introducing our askaboutgames Family Advocates in the Stories section of the site. There you can get to know them better and hear about their journey with video games.

Some of the advocate families will have been playing games for a long time while others will be just starting out. Some will be very positive about games, while others will be more reserved.

Our advocates get to do the following:

  • Review video games before release from a family perspective.
  • Appear in Family Gamer TV episodes.
  • Attend trips to developers and gaming events.
  • Answer questions from other askaboutgames families.

If you think your family would make a good askaboutgames Family Advocate (and for us that means any family really) we are running a competition you might be interested in. Check out the competition page on the site for more details.

The winner of the competition will be the PEGI Family Gaming Ambassador, and along with the benefits of being a askaboutgames Family Advocate will win an exciting prize.

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