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LEGO Extends Video-Game Collaborations

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LEGO video-games offer a great way to play together as a family. They combine local multi-player action to siblings or parents and children can team up to complete each level.

Their success has meant that we usually have a couple of different games released each year. These games relate to physical LEGO sets for big budget movies and franchises. Here they turn the characters, vehicles and location into LEGO form.

At the New York Toy Fair this week, LEGO unveiled its new sets for the year and with that offered some hints on which of these would appear in video-game form.

As you can see above, an interesting set at the show was for Ultra Agents, this not only offers brick building James Bond style fun but also comes with a downloadable app. Special bricks that come with each of the Ultra Agent sets can then be used to interact with the app in what looks like the first Toys to Life style LEGO experience.

Next up were sets was for Jurassic World. The LEGO kits here are from the movie, but this has also been confirmed to be coming in video-game form too. Seeing the set up close gives a good idea of how the game will look and which characters and dinosaurs will be included.

The next set is for the popular Minecraft video-game. Interestingly, although in previous years LEGO has kept this behind closed doors at this year's show the new LEGO Minecraft sets were on display in prototype form -- showing the importance of the video-game to LEGOs demographic.

Another popular set at the show was the new LEGO Scooby Doo sets. These feature a variety of settings and characters from the famous TV shows. Although there's no word yet these would be easy to turn into a video-game with each set offering a different mission to players.

Finally there were new LEGO Star Wars kits. We've already had a great LEGO Star Wars games, but it seems likely there will be a new one for The Force Awakens.

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