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Lego Minifigures Online Is Perfect For Family Play-Time

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Lego Minifigures Online has been around for a while. Recently it was relaunched with some great family features. Best of all is the ability to cross-play in the same online world across all devices.

Also, Lego Minifigures Online is now on both desktop and mobile platforms as a buy-to-play game. This new version offers new features and content, such as unique events, cinematics, voice acting, and a fun and engaging story are included, as well as numerous gameplay additions and major improvements throughout the entire game.

"This really is the definitive version of LEGO Minifigures Online and we are very much looking forward to opening the servers for players to experience it," said Funcom CEO Rui Casais. "Not only will it feel like a fresh, new experience for those who have played the earlier free-to-play PC version, there is also so much potential unlocked now that you can play with each other across platforms on a broad range of devices. Maybe you are playing on an iPhone while your friend is on an Android tablet and your dad is on a high-powered PC; you’ll still play together in the same persistent online world, along with thousands of other LEGO fans from all over the globe."

The basics of the game involve collecting over one hundred Minifigures, each with their own unique personality and abilities, and building a team to take on exciting adventures through colorful, classic LEGO environments. From Pirate World to Space World, players must play together and smash their way through aliens, sea monsters and more to unlock the full potential of their Minifigures. The game is KidSafe certified and fully COPPA compliant, with multiple safety measures in place to ensure a fun and secure online experience for everyone.

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