LEGO Ultra Agents Turns Bricks into Controllers

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LEGO Ultra Agents is a series of build-able kits based around a secret agent theme. This year a new related iOS app uses special bricks in the sets to interactive with and unlock special elements.

Of particular interest to families, this provides a nice cross over experience from the physical play of the bricks to virtual play in the app. It also exercises the imagination of young players in new directions as both the story and interactions expand with the new bricks.

Because the app can accurately read the position of the special bricks when they are placed on the screen it can task the player with building specific physical constructions of different shapes. When the player incorporates the bricks in the right position and places them on the screen further interactions and sections of the game unlock. In this way the brick constructions can be used as secondary game controllers in novel ways.

Other sets recently unveiled include both LEGO Jurassic World and Marvel Age of Ultron, both of which have a related LEGO video-game coming soon. No word as yet on whether we will see a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens game this year.

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