Let’s Play Lego Dimensions

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To give you a close up idea of how the new game will play in the family, here’s game producer Nick Ricks to talk us through the game’s dramatic beginning in this Let’s Play video.

Offering local two player co-op with plenty of puzzle solving and battles this is an ideal game for parents to play alongside their children.

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  • Anthony

    My son was in the process of building a vehicle to completion and was just about to save it when my other son pressed the don’t save and now when you put the figure back in the game it doesn’t give you the option of trying to rebuild again, is there a place on the game where you can revisit builds and complete them. It’s Lego dimensions for the Wii U

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      If you play through the level to the same point you can trigger the rebuild. Also there are options in the menu to adjust the builds you have.

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