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Make It: Technobabble Opens Door To Video-Game Career

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Make It: Technobabble is a point and click approach to program video-games that is accessible to all ages yet deep enough to enable complex and engaging creations.

The Make It app will partner with different BBC brands but kicks things off with a Technobabble module. If you’ve not watched CBBC for a while, Technobabble is a programme about the future — think Tomorrow’s World for kids.

Unlike similar game creator tools like Disney Infinity or LittleBigPlanet there’s no need for a console or boxed video-game. The only requirement here is access to the web and an active imagination (along with some determination to make games). We put the Beta version to the test with one budding programmer (7).

This is one of a number of ways to get children creating their own games, and possible set them on the road to a career in the video-game industry. It draws on a variety of skills including logical thinking, Maths, English and basic Science methods.

Try Make It: Technobabble for yourself.

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