Mario Kart 8 Wii U Family Finalists

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As reported previously, we have been following the competition to find the top Mario Kart 8 family racer. Today we got a step closer to finding a winner.

After many heats the semi-final race has just been completed with the Jones family. Father Nigel raced as Wario, Jarvis (9) raced as Larry, Milo (9) raced as Yoshi and Mum Karen chose Princess Peach.

This time they locked horns on the “Water Park” track and as you can see in the video it was a close fought battle, with all the family getting involved.

With twins Jarvis and Milo going through this gives us the four finalists from the top three families ready for the show down next Friday:

  • Ben Sharp
  • Jarvis Jones
  • Milo Jones
  • Ethan Hunt

The Mario Kart 8 final will be live on Friday 11th.


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