Minecraft Launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Having sold really well on consoles already Minecraft is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Picking the right version for your family is no easy matter. However with Minecraft on almost every video-game system at least we can play it with what ever technology we have to hand.

Both of the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions offer a similar set of features. Perhaps the most significant is the larger worlds that are now possible with the more powerful hardware. Spaces up to 36 times larger can now we worked with. Also you can bring over all your creative block-work from the equivalent previous versions into the new games.

The PlayStation version has an added benefit of supporting the Remote Play feature of the PlayStation Vita so you can play the full console game anywhere that has an internet connection. A stand alone Minecraft Vita game is also in the works that looks to match features of the PlayStation 3. Additionally the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions can share save files. This means you can work on your creations at home then pick them up again while out and about or on a road trip to grandparents.

The game looks very good on a big screen TV in the lounge but the split-screen mode comes into its own in the higher resolution. For me and my family this combination of extra screen real estate and high end visuals all playable in split-screen on a big TV make it the perfect balance. We really enjoyed seeing what the kids were building in the game by having it back downstairs rather than in bedrooms.

Another nice touch is the easy tutorial to get players started. This is also great for parents who want to understand what all the fuss is about Minecraft. Spend a bit of time with the game and it will lead you by the hand through all the main features. I tried this out on one of the families I work with, as you can see in this PlayStation 4 Minecraft tutorial video:

Both these versions are a great way for families to get gaming out of bedrooms and back into shared social spaces where mums and dads, not just kids, can enjoy the creative delights of block building their own imaginary world.

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