Multiplayer Minecraft Without Fiddly Mods

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If your family plays Minecraft at some point your children will have asked if you can install mods. These are unofficial customization that add new features to the game.

However, they are quite technical and fiddly to set-up. A better way to extend the Minecraft experience is with the variety of online multiplayer servers for Minecraft Pocket and Minecraft Windows Edition. This provides different Minecraft game modes like hide and seek, build challenges or racing without having to apply any mods.

One of these servers, InPvP has just been updated with new modes. The most popular of these is the Block Hunt mode where players hide themselves in different Minecraft blocks around the world. The hunt is then on, against the clock, to find them before the time runs out.

Playing Minecraft together with your children in this way can be a lot of fun and a simple way to collaborate on their creative play.

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