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Family Guide: Tchia (PEGI 12)

Tchia is an adventure where you play a young girl (Tchia) who can climb, glide, swim, and sail around a beautiful archipelago. Along with the usual sandbox missions and play the game offers an unusual ability to take control (and become) any animal or object you can find.

Play involves exploring the world, meeting people and helping them with missions. You get around by becoming (and controlling) the hundreds of animals and objects you find in the world. As you do you take on their unique gameplays and abilities to travel, solve puzzles and uncover secrets. You might become a bird to fly high over the island, or a fish to discover what's in the rivers and sea, or perhaps a dog to sniff out treasure.

The result is a heartfelt adventure with a world, story and characters deeply embedded in New Caledonia culture. This is extended by fantastical elements but even these are rooted in local landscapes, flora and fauna, music, languages, folklore and traditions of the territory.

Age Rating

This game has received a PEGI 12 because it features moderate violence and use of offensive gestures. 

This game features sequences of moderate violence, including a man slashing at a baby with a knife and then throwing it. While some blood is seen on the baby's blankets, no injury detail or actual harm is shown. There are also scenes showing people apparently being swallowed by a monster.

There is a sequence in which a character makes an offensive 'middle finger' gesture. At one point a man loses a hand and a chicken loses its head. While the severing of the hand and the head are not shown, there is some sight of wounds afterwards. Additionally, the chicken's headless body is seen running around and the severed hand is seen 'walking' across the ground. Younger children may find these scenes unsettling.


The game has a single up-front cost and can be completed without additional costs. There are optional outfits you can purchase such as the Tchia: Kepler Customization Pack.

Younger Rated Alternatives

If you like the sound of Tchia but need a game that's rated for younger children, the following are great options:

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