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Family Guide to Wordle

You may have heard people talking about a new game called Wordle. Or you may have seen grids of yellow, green and grey boxes shared on social media. Here's everything you need to know about the game. 

Wordle is a daily puzzle game where you (and anyone else playing that day) try and guess the secret word. You get six guesses that must be real words. Each letter is then coloured to provide clues: green for the right letter in the right place, yellow for the right letter but not in the right position, grey for letters not used in the word.

You can only play once a day, but this means that everyone in the world is trying to guess the same word every day. Once you have succeeded (or failed) you can share your results on social media. Cleverly, this shares a grid of squares that are coloured to show how many letters each of your guesses revealed but not what the word is.

We spoke to BBC about the game recently:


You can play Wordle for free. Because it's played in a web browser you can play on any device. There are no in-game purchases or adverts.


You can play Worlde on any system that has a browser. You don't need to download a game or an app, it's played instantly by browsing to the game page.

Similar Games

If you have completed the game for the day and are looking for more word-based gaming fun there are a lot of other options:

  1. Babble Royale is a cross between Scrabble and Fortnite.
  2. Word Hunters (PEGI 3) is a world travelling word game you can play with 6 people on PlayStation 4 and 5.
  3. Spell Tower (PEGI 3) is a Boggle-style word game with a bit of Tetris thrown in for fun.
  4. Baba Is You (PEGI 3) is a game where changing words alters the logic of the game world.
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