Parents’ Guide to FIFA 19

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I spent some time with my family testing out FIFA 19 on our PS4. Here’s what parents need to know about the game ahead of it’s release.

There area a lot of playing enhancements this year. Active Touch, Dynamic Tactics and 50/50 Battles make the game more flexible and more physical. It will take existing players a while to get used to this, but in the Demo my boys loved the changes.

FIFA 19 also adds the UEFA Champions League. This exists in the tournament mode but also pops up else where in the game. If you follow this competition then it’s a nice addition to the series.

The story mode returns in FIFA 19  with Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, and Kim Hunter continuing the career as a professional footballers.

Then there are some new features that make a big difference to families. In particular, the Advantage Settings enable you to level the playing field where two people have a different proficiency with the game.

Advantage Mode

Advantage Mode

In families this means that mums and dads can challenge youngsters to a game of FIFA and have a more competitive experience.

Another good way to play the game together is to get some extra controllers and play with four players on the same side. This means that children (and parents) need to communicate and work together if they are going to win. Or you can go two-vs-two for a family derby.

FIFA Ultimate Team features again in FIFA 19. This is the mode where you earn your own players and craft a full team. If you are playing this mode then it’s worth looking at the different purchasing options, as some include additional packs of players. 

Also, ensure you have setup the passwords and limits on any credit cards on your system. A good alternative is to get children gift cards for store credit or FIFA points.

You should also be aware that children can talk to other players in the game. A handy way to make this safe is to create a Party before hand and then specify the volume to only include their audio move the voice slider over to Party Audio.

Audio Settings

Audio Settings

Finally, if you are still in doubt, don’t forget you can try the game for free (like we did on PS4) with the FIFA 19 demo.

FIFA 19 is available on PS4, Xbox One,PC, Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3 (but note that the Journey mode is only available on PS4, Xbox One and PC currently).

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