Pop-Up Gaming Surgery with Brooks Family

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We spent a morning in the Exeter GameStation store talking to families and offering advice in our Pop-up Gaming Surgery.

Here is the second of the Family Gamer TV conversations we recorded at the event — catch the first video here. We talk to the Brooks family who were in store discussing which games are appropriate for their younger members. This is, as with any growing family, a changing situation.

Although they found the ages on the front of the game box helpful there was some confusion between BBFC and PEGI ratings. This is something we were able to clarify for them, with the PEGI ratings now being the single statutory ratings system — information that seemed to help simplify their choices.

They also talk about the pressure on the boys to play older rated games, because some friends played games in the playground themed around older rated games. It was good to hear that this was something that the whole family discussed together, even if they hadn’t found an easy answer as yet.

One approach they talk about is playing more mature titles together as a family so that any untoward experiences can be discussed and explained. By combining this with the adults playing the games through first (so they understand the content contained within them) this is a positive approach.

Many thanks to the staff of GameStation who accommodated our FGTV filming session.

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