Pop-Up Gaming Surgery with Dart Family

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We spent a morning in the Exeter GameStation store talking to families and offering advice in our Pop-up Gaming Surgery. Here is the fourth of the Family Gamer TV conversations we recorded at the pop-up gaming surgery — catch the other videos here.

We talked to the Dart family who were in store looking for games for their family. It was interesting to hear how Mr Dart’s focus was more on visuals whereas the younger members of the family spent more time with fun family games like Mario Kart. There is often the misconception that only certain consoles (like the Wii) or handhelds (like the DS) have family games but actually there are plenty of family specific games on the PlayStation, Xbox — not to mention Smartphones and Tablets.

They talked about using the PEGI ratings to find age-specific games for the younger players in their family. In particular this helped them have an idea of what they would be playing before purchasing the game and taking it home.

One thing they weren’t aware of was that the PEGI ratings are now the single ratings system. This news was received positively by them and sounded like it would “make it a lot easier” to choose games. This, along with recommendations from friends and family is how they seek out new games.

In their family setup is was the siblings who played games together. Carnival Games on the Wii was a popular choice, that provides a range of festival themed mini-games that are controlled via the Wii Remote motion controller.

A game I hadn’t expected them to mention was the Paper Mario game on the Wii that offers an adventure experience with platforming elements. As I mention in the video a new Paper Mario game is coming out on the 3DS in the near future and will have an interesting tie-in with real world stickers.

We wrapped up the conversation with some comments about fitness games that gets Mrs Dart involved as well. Wii Fit as well as exercise games for Kinect and Move offer an entertaining way to get active and stay in shape.

Many thanks to the staff of GameStation who accommodated our FGTV filming session.

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