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Questions of the Month for April

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Each month we field all manner of different questions on askaboutgames. Some people have intricate queries about particular games while others want to know which console will be best for their family. Here are our picks this month.

Question: Can you trade in games that have a higher age rating than your actual age?

Answer: Retailers have a responsibility to not provide games to customers younger than the specific PEGI 12, 16 or 18 rating. They can receive games in for trade regardless of the PEGI rating, although this is at their discretion.

Question: Will Skylanders Giants play on the Spyro Starter Pack?

Answer: Skylanders Giants will not work with Spyro's Adventure because the characters did not exist in the original game. The same is true for the standard Skylanders introduced for Giants. However, you can use Lightcore and Series 2 versions of original characters -- although they will not receive any additional benefits in Spyro's Adventure.

Question: My 12 year old son wants to buy The PS Vita that comes with CoD Black Ops 2 declassified and according to Amazon this product is a BBFC 12 rating. However PEGI seem to have put the game at 16. What is the real age for this product? Answer: BBFC and PEGI rate games on different criteria, hence the discrepancy. PEGI is now the single body that rates video-games in the UK and I would suggest is the most up to date rating to adhere to. You can check on the back of the box, and here, for more details on why Black Ops Declassified on Vita is rated PEGI 16.

Check back next month for more great questions from readers, and our best attempts to answer. If we've missed anything in our responses this month, why not fill in the gaps in the comments. Also, you can ask your questions here.

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