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Each month we field all manner of different questions on askaboutgames. Some people have intricate queries about particular games while others want to know which console will be best for their family. Here are our picks this month.

Question: Due to our job situation our lives are split between the US and Germany and I cannot justify or afford buying two sets of everything so region codes are not my friends. We are considering a PlayStation 3 for our son as when we were recently in the US we were told they are region free.

Answer: This page gives an account of the Region Locking on the PS3. Although most games are unlocked publishers can lock games to a particular region if they want:

Note that you can’t share DLC between different regions which may be an issue for game add-ons (although not the content on the Disc itself).


Question: Is it possible to ask when the Skylander Giant Ninijini may be released for sale.i have three grandchildren who are waiting for this item?

Answer: The release date for Skylanders Giant Ninjini has not yet been announced but is likely to be in the next month or so.


Question: My son loves to play Minecraft.  Do you know if any other systems will be developing this game?  We already have a Wii and a PS3.  Currently, Minecraft is only avaliable on Xbox and PC. I do not want to invest anymore money into gaming devices!  Thank you for your help!

Answer: Minecraft is currently only available on the following platforms: Java platform, Java applet, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Raspberry Pi.


Question: I am getting my son the new Skylanders Giants starter pack. This is his first Skylanders. If he want to play Spyro’s Adventure, can he use the same portal? When will skylanders swap force be out to buy in uk?

Answer: Yes the portal for Skylanders Giants and Spyro’s Adventure is compatible. However it should be noted that Skylanders Swap Force requires a new portal. Swap Force does not have a release date yet.


Check back next month for more great questions from readers, and our best attempts to answer. If we’ve missed anything in our responses this month, why not fill in the gaps in the comments. Also, you can ask your questions here.

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