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Each month we field all manner of different questions on askaboutgames. Some people have intricate queries about particular games while others want to know which console will be best for their family. Here are our picks this month.


Question: Are Xbox games locked by region? I just bought a Kinect game in the UK but my console is from Mexico. How can i know if the game will play in my console?

Some consoles are region locked and others leave it up to the publisher to apply this. The Xbox 360 is specific to region so it will only play games that you have purchased in the same region as your console. The region compatibility is usually marked on the packaging.


Question: Can u use the Skylander 1 and 2 characters for the Skylanders Swap Force game?

Answer: The new Skylanders game will support figures from both Spyro’s Adventure and Giants. However you can not use your Adventure expansion packs in the new game. Also, figures that are new in Skylanders Swap Force cannot be used back in the old games unless the characters already existed.


Question: Do you know if Skylander figures bought in North America will work on a Skylander Wii portal bought in Europe?

Answer: The Skylanders figures are not region specific, so a figure you purchased in North America should work OK in Europe. The figures are also not platform specific so can be used on different versions of the game.


Question: I have a PlayStation 3 and have been looking for a football manager game for a while now, everyone i know loves these games but i find it impossible to find 1?

Answer: Currently there are not any football manager games listed for PS3, although games like FIFA do include some management features. These games are largely migrated to PC and Tablet devices because their touch screen and mouse interactions are better suited to the play style.


Check back next month for more great questions from readers, and our best attempts to answer. If we’ve missed anything in our responses this month, why not fill in the gaps in the comments. Also, you can ask your questions here.

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