Retailers Endorse New Pegi Ratings

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A big step towards simplifying game ratings, PEGI has become the single video games age ratings system, under which it is illegal for a retailer to sell a video game with a PEGI age rating of 12, 16 or 18 to someone below that age.

Retailers also welcomed the announcement of the implementation of PEGI as the single video game age rating system today:

Kim Bayley, Director General of the Entertainment Retailers Association, said: “Entertainment retailers are well used to administering ratings schemes, having worked for many years with the Video Standards Council on age rated video and games products. We are delighted that the new PEGI games ratings regime has come into effect today.

“Retailers have worked hard with their suppliers to ensure a successful introduction of the new system, which we believe will provide greater clarity for consumers and in particular reassurance to parents that the games their children play are appropriate to their age.”

Anna-Marie Mason, Marketing Director at GAME Retail Ltd added: “GAME and gamestation apply rigorous training and audit standards to make sure that PEGI is understood by colleagues and customers alike. The framework is very clear and ensures that we guide customers correctly and responsibly. We’re hugely supportive of PEGI in this new era.”

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