Rough Guide to Xbox: A New Way To Spend Time In Game Worlds

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As you play more games together with your family one of the surprising aspects about this is how they create space. Space in which to find entertainment and competitions, but also space to explore, discover and relate to each other.

Whether you are entering the dungeons of Towerfall, the windy wastelands of Tricky Towers, sun-drenched hilltops of Zelda Breath of the Wild or just enjoying hanging out in the kitchen of Overcooked, these spaces each have their own feel, aesthetic and sound.

In many ways, video games are somewhere to go as much as they are something to do. It’s perhaps no big surprise then that the Rough Guides travel book series has just released a guide to the places to visit in Xbox games.

It might sound a little far fetched before you see one of these books for yourself, but in the hand, it makes a lot of sense. With beautiful locations from games like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and Halo 5:Guardians the guide suggests how you can enjoy these games in a different way.

With maps, historic background and the odd warning of where not to spend the night, it’s fascinating to see video game locations treated like they were in the real world. Because, when you are in these spaces, that’s exactly how they feel: real.

As you can read on the Rough Guides book page, “game graphics are so immersive and all-consuming, you don’t just experience the gameplay – you experience the very world in which the gameplay unfolds. That thrilling feeling of being somewhere new is no longer the exclusive domain of real-world travel.”

It’s easy to overlook how rich the worlds of video games are. This book is a great way to engage in video games with your family. The inspiring views, the background details and the tips on what to see can spark new interest in these important play spaces.

Best of all To buy your copy of the Rough Guide to Xbox, head to the Microsoft Online Store. All proceeds from the sales of the Rough Guide to Xbox will go to UK Charity SpecialEffect.

Best of all the proceeds from the sales of the Rough Guide to Xbox will go to UK Charity SpecialEffect.

You can purchase The Rough Guide to Xbox on the Microsoft online store for £8.99.

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