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Getting a video game console at Christmas is a childhood memory that stays with many of us for our whole lives. Having children of our own and getting a console for them under the tree is just as exciting.

However, before you wrap up the big box it’s really worth spending some time setting things up. An hour spent carefully getting it out of the box, plugging it in and update the system and downloading games will ensure you don’t have to wait to play on Christmas day.

Setting Up Your Console to Work For You

As well as this you can setup Parent Controls and Family Settings to match how your children will use the device. This can sound a little complicated but is actually very simple.

As you can see in the video here, the process is essentially the same on each of the main consoles:

  • PEGI App: Download the PEGI app on your phone. This provides information about game ratings but also useful tips and links to setting up your console.
  • Unpacking: Carefully get the console, cables, and controllers out of the box, so you can put it all back in afterward.
  • Plug-In: Connect the HDMI and power cables to start the console.
  • Updating System: Connect to wired or wireless internet to update the system and download and games.
  • Controllers: Connect the controllers to the console so they are charged and synced. them.
  • Parent User: Set-up an account for you to use with an email address you regularly check. Specify the base level of age, spending and screen time restrictions.
  • Child Accounts: Set-up accounts for each child to specify settings for age ratings, spending limits and screen time restrictions that suit each of them.
  • Play: Try out some of the games to “make sure they’re working”.
  • Wrap: Put everything back in the packaging and wrap it up ready for the big day.

This should take around an hour or so, but is time well spent. Not only is your system ready to go on the big day but you are off on the right foot with users and settings.




Don’t be tempted to do this later, as you may have a long wait on Christmas day for downloads, and once children set-up their own accounts and start playing it’s hard to untangle things because of purchases and saved games associated with those accounts.

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