Sick Bricks Are Irreverent Fun

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New Sick Bricks game leverages kid-friendly humour and brick-style characters for its new toy-game hybrid experience.

Skylanders and Disney Infinity are well established toy-video-game cross over products. But new comers like Angry Birds Telepods and Furby Boom are hot on their heels.

Last week Spin Master announced a new product called Sick Bricks. This is a collectable line of brick based toy characters that can be scanned into the app to add more characters.

The game plays quite a lot like the LEGO video-games that are familiar to families, while also adding in new elements like the ability to upgrade characters and mix and match different abilities.

The app is free to play, while money can be spent on the toys and in-app purchases. Provided the balance is right between costs and value for money this looks like another exciting way for families to play together.

Sick Bricks will launch worldwide on March 12th for iOS and Android.

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