Skylanders Swap Force Announced

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At an event on 5th Feb in New York, Activision unveiled a new version of their Skylanders video-game: Skylanders Swap Force. It offers a new kind of Skylander figure that can be separated and mixed and matched to create custom abilities.

Skylanders Swap Force will offer the following elements:

  • 16 new core Skylanders including Rollerbrawl (Undead) and Countdown (Fire).
  • 16 Series 3 from Giants and Spyro’s Adventure including Stealth Elf.
  • 16 Swap Force including Magna-Charge (Tech), Wash-Buckler (Water) and Blast-Zone (Fire).
  • 8 New Lightcore.
  • 1 new Portal.

Currently there is no firm date or pricing for Skylanders Swap Force. We had the chance to interview the man behind this year’s game Guha Bala of Vicarious Visions for Ask About Games…

Skylanders Swap Force aims to broaden it’s appeal by introducing new toys that can be split at the waist and mix and matched with each other to create new character combinations. This lets players invent their own characters to play with on the living room floor and in the game.

A potential down-side here is that this year you can’t reuse your old Portal. You will need to buy a Swap Force Starter Pack. This may put some off (as older Skylanders games let you save money by reusing your Portal).

Family gamers should compare this title against previous Skylanders games and the upcoming title from Disney to ensure they choose the version that is best for them. To this end we will be putting together a fact-file post that looks at the differences between each game.

For families that haven’t already invested in Skylanders a good, and cost effective, option may be to start with the older games before graduating onto the newer titles. This means that figures and peripherals can be purchased at lower prices, as well as borrowed from family members who have moved on to newer games.

These older figures are all then compatible with the newer versions of Skylanders and retain all their upgrades and customizations when brought into the new game.

Ask About Games offer fields questions about Skylanders Giants from families, if you have any questions about Swap Force click the Ask a Question button and let us know.

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