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With Skylanders Trap Team just announced here’s an introduction to how this billion dollar franchise got so big along with family tips on the new game.

Skylanders is a video-game that uses toy figures to access in game characters. This cross over between toys and video-games has become popular over the last few years. A breakthrough point on the technology was the toy’s ability to instantly save and load progress through the game making the experience much simpler for families.

Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth of the Skylanders games in this genre. Other similar titles include Disney Infinity, Angry Birds Telepods and the recent Furby Boom apps.

The game will come in a Starter Pack on the 3DS, Wii, Wii U, 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This Starter Pack includes the following items:

Trap Team offers a new play scheme where children can Trap 40 different villain characters and then turn them round to fight on the side of good. The players can then play as the villains. This not only creates a nice novelty in the game but for the first time offers access to playable characters without buying an associated toy.

In an interview with Jeff Poffenbarger at the announcement event for Skylanders Trap Team we found out more about how the new portal and different figures work together. He also explained why a new portal was needed this year and about the developers aim of creating a balance of male and female characters.

The new game will support all the previous Skylanders from the older games as well as offering 50 new figures. Parents should note that the additional figures (while collectable) are optional extras. The majority of the game will be accessible with the Starter Pack and a handful of toy figures.

The list of characters for Trap Team still has a few characters to be revealed but currently includes the following in each of the element groupings:


  • Trap Master – Blastermind
  • Trap Master – Enigma
  • Series 3 – Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
  • Series 1 – Deja Vu
  • Series 1 – Cobra Cadabra
  • Mini – Mini-Jini
  • Mini – Spry


  • Trap Master – Snapshot
  • Trap Master – Lob Star
  • Series 4 – Tidal Wave Gill Grunt
  • Series 1 – Echo
  • Mini – Thumpling
  • Mini – Gill Runt


  • Trap Master – Wildfire
  • Trap Master – Ka-Boom
  • Series 2 – Hog Wild Fryno
  • Series 1 – Torch
  • Series 1 – Trail Blazer
  • Mini – Small Fry
  • Mini – Weeruptor


  • Trap Master – Tuff Luck
  • Trap Master – Bushwhack
  • Series 3 – Sure Shot Shroomboom
  • Series 1 – Food Fight
  • Mini – Whisper Elf
  • Mini – Barkley


  • Trap Master – Gusto
  • Trap Master – Thunderbolt
  • Series 3 – Full Blast Jet-Vac
  • Series 1 – Flying Kong
  • Series 1 – Blades
  • Mini – Pet Vac
  • Mini – Breeze


  • Trap Master – Jawbreaker
  • Trap Master – Gearshift
  • Series 1 – Tread Head
  • Series 1 – Chopper
  • Mini – Trigger Snappy
  • Mini – Drobit


  • Trap Master – Wallop
  • Trap Master – Head Rush
  • Series 1 – Rocky Roll
  • Series 1 – Fist Bump
  • Mini – Terrabite
  • Mini – Bop


  • Trap Master – Krypt King
  • Trap Master – Short Cut
  • Series 1 – Funny Bone
  • Mini – Hijinx
  • Mini – Eye Small

Skylanders Trap Team will release in the UK on 10th October 2014. The game isn’t yet PEGI rated.

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Showing 32 comments
  • Savannah

    How do u save the game but exit

  • Xavier

    I have bought skylander trap team starter kit but now I have bought two new seperate figures to use as well I can not get the new figures to work on the Ds2

  • Xavier

    I have a starter kit but now I have bought two new seperate figurines I can not get them to wirk on my ds2 with the game

  • Roberto

    Please, how do I save the games on PS4 skylanders- trap- team?

  • jo Stratford

    How dies my wii trap team save where I am up to if I have to turn my system off?

  • Claire


    Can someone tell me how to save my sons progress of Skylanders Trap Team on xbox 360??? Everytime he turns it off he has to start from the beginning when he turns it back on.


    • Stefanie

      Did you figure out how to save – my son got REALLY far and then all the sudden it started him over….

  • Kendall

    How do we save our progress on Xbox one?

  • Emma

    Hi! My son has two of the pre-loaded outlaw brawl and chain water keys can he use one to trap another water villain?

  • Sue

    Can you pause the sky landers trap team while you are on a boss?

  • alonso

    On skylanders trap team Xbox 360- my sons progress doesn’t save? His character progression does but gameplay does not. How does one save gameplay progression and exit.

  • Lee

    Hi, can someone please tell me how to save skylanders trap team on the xbox one, every time we turn it off it start from the beginning, thanks

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      If you complete a level the game automatically saves. Each level usually last around 30 minutes.

      • Nitza

        No the game does not save after completing the level. My son has completed chapter 1 at least 10 times. What should I do?

  • Jason

    How do save my sons progress on Xbox 360 playing sky landers trap team please

  • ahmed

    I’m having trouble on Skylanders every time I play it keeps making me go back to level one how can I save the game and keep me on level 6 or any level I am on I’m having trouble
    thank you

  • Adele

    can a UK skylander trap team work in the US?

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      The Trap Team characters are not region specific, although the game itself is.

  • lee

    My 2 sons are fighting over the xbox one we have xbox 360 also. My younger son only wants to play Skylanders (it’s for xbox one) can he play it on the 360? Not the trap game the other skylander

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      You can play two players on one console. The Xbox One version is not compatible with the Xbox 360 though.

  • debbie

    Skylanders trap team only works on certain xbox 360s .. microsoft have confirmed no problem with my xbox game just wont play … anyone else have this problem on elite version .. but pkays on neighbours elite version and brand new game out of box .. xbox states its an xbox game issue it reads its unreadable and i need to clean disk ..
    Microsoft are trying to resolve issue .. my xbox is perfect and plays all other games 100%

  • Saif

    Could you tell me if i want a play with 2 player , it is possiple to play it with this option what should i do to play with 2 player thanks

  • louise

    Hi can anyone tell me how to save please? my son keeps having to play the same part we got quiet far. Every time we switch on it starts from the beginning? thanks

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      You save by getting to the end of the current chapter. These are usually no more that 30 minutes each.

  • Tyler

    If i trap a villen on my tablet version can i use that same villan in my ps4 version im asking becuse i have trap team on my tablet and superchargers for the ps4 and i want to know if i can cross over the traped villens to get the power up without buying the ps4 version

    • Andy Robertson (Editor)

      Yes as long as you have the portal that can read the traps on the PS4.

  • Tiah stetson

    Do you have to have the whole set of trap team with figurines or can I play without them?

    • Will Freeman

      You wouldn’t need a whole set. But if you want to play Trap specifically, you will need a Trap figure to access the Trap features of the game.

  • Koenings

    How do you access the digital expansion levels in skylanders trap team on the ipad

  • Laura

    If you have the Tablet version of the Skylanders Trap Team can you transfer the figures to play on the Xbox game console?

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